Virtual PC 2007 Goodies

MS-DOS 6.22 in Virtual PC 2007, with fully functional networking and VPC2004 add-ins, in an Active Directory network.

One of the benefits touted by Microsoft for Virtual PC 2007 was the sharing of Virtual Machines. Since there seems to be a lack of good information on the internet regarding MS-DOS networking (and plenty of mis-leading forum discussion), I decided to post my MS-DOS 6.22 Virtual Machine and MS-DOS 6.22 NetBoot Virtual Floppy disk.

For more information on a fully configured Virtual Machine, browse to:
MS-DOS 6.22 VM With Full Networking Page.

Maybe you just need to boot a virtual machine so you can Ghost (clone) from/to an existing Virtual Machine? For more information on just using a Virtual Floppy to boot a VM to DOS, browse to:
MS-DOS 6.22 Virtual NetBoot Floppy Page.

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