Virtual PC 2007 - MS-DOS 6.22 Virtual Boot Floppy

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MS-DOS 6.22 Network Boot Floppy, for Virtual PC 2007: Download (0.7MB zip file)

Last updated: 12/03/2007
   MyVersion: 1.00
       Title: MS-DOS 6.22 Virtural Boot Floppy With networking, for booting a
              Virtural Machine in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
      E-Mail: JayRO/at/

Disclaimer: This information is provided as reference ONLY.  It is my understanding
that this configuration is unsupported by Microsoft.  By using this configuration,
you agree to accept responsibility for any damage that may occur.  Use at your
own risk!

Copyrights: This download contains MS-DOS 6.22 software, which is copyrighted by
Micrsoft Corporation.  Therefore, this software only be used if you are a legel
owner of MS-DOS 6.22.  I believe we are free to use the MS-Client software, since
it is publicly available on the Microsoft FTP site.

Target audience: This Virtual Boot Floppy is for system administrators setting up
a Microsoft Virtual PC.  This was setup for Virtual PC 2007, it should work for
Virtual PC 2004.

This Virtual Boot Floppy has the following functionality:
- Network drive mapping to a Windows 2000/2003 server, client-only.
- CD-ROM is mapped as drive Z: (just a personal preference)
- Virtual PC IDLE is installed.
- Doskey driver installed.
- Basic Hard Disk setup and configuration: FDISK, FORMAT, SYS

Primarily, you can get a raw Virtual Hard Drive configured and formatted.  Then
install the desired operating system, either via CD-ROM (real or virtual), floppy
disks, or from the network.
I needed to do a fair amount of compromising to get this to fit on to a Virtual
Floppy disk:
- The most significant compromise was I stole from Windows 98
  (but it works).
- I had to revert to the client-only version of net.exe.
- Dumped ping.exe and ipconfig.exe
Getting this Virtual Boot Floppy to function correctly in an Active Directory
network requires some specific settings on the LAN.
Please see the Virtual Machine download.

This Virtual Boot Floppy is configured to logon to a Windows 2003 AD Domain with
the following settings:
C: Drive ShareName: C-Drive
      ComputerName: DOS622x1
          UserName: Administrator
        DomainName: MYDOMAIN
These three settings are contained in C:\NET\SYSTEM.INI.  Actually I renamed the
SYSTEM.INI file to: _SYSTEM.INI, so that I could do a quick test in AUTOEXEC.BAT to
see if the file has been renamed yet.  You will need to edit and rename the file
before it will run from AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Also, you will need to edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT, near the end of the file.  Look for
the "net logon administrator..." line.  Note that I have "save password" set to
"NO", so make sure you type the username (and at boot, the password) correctly,
because whether right or wrong MS-Client will still respond with "The command
completed successfully".

Again, please see the Virtual Machine download page for
more information.
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