Symantec Anti-Virus Reference

Symantec (Norton) Anti-virus quick information.

Disclaimer! This is for my reference ONLY! I put this here for convenient on-site reference.
This information became outdated around Corporate Edition V10.0, retained for now.

You want to disable Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.0 from logging notifications in its own or in Windows NT's Event Viewer. This will stop all logging to specified location and cannot be tailored to filter out certain logs. To be used sparingly, with emphasis that this will stop all logging.

Before sharing this information with customers, you must explain the potential security risk. For example, a malicious user could disable logging, turn off AutoProtect, plant a Trojan, re-enable AP and then re-enable logging.  If you are uncertain whether to share this information with a customer, consult with Level 2 support.

Within SAVCE 8.0, there are values in the registry that are responsible for logging events into the event viewers. They are located in the following key:

The 5 Values ("REG_DWORD") under Common are:

  • AlertParent
  • ForwardLogs
  • LDVPEventLog
  • MessageBox
  • NTEventLog

See the note at the bottom of this document regarding LDVPEventLog and NTEventLog.

"Data" Field Values are:
  • 0x00000000 (0) = False
  • 0x00000001 (1) =True
To stop any of these logging features, place a "0" (zero) in the data field.

NOTE: While the LDVPEventLog and NTEventLog values still exist in the registry, they no longer function as expected. You will need to create replacement values and enter a 0 to stop logging:
LDVPEventLog now should be LDVPCommonConfiguration
NTEventLog now should be NTCommonConfiguration

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