Tool Descriptions - Windows 2003 Support Tools

Alphabetical List of Windows Server 2003 Support Tools

This page is intended to be an improvement on the MSDN page: Alphabetical List of Tools
I am the type that greatly benefits from a brief description of each tool in a simple list.
These tools are installed from the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM: \support\tools\suptools.msi

Acldiag.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
ACL Diagnostics
Addiag.exe cmdNo UI equiv.
Application Deployment Diagnosis
Adsiedit.msc Overview GUI(is a MMC snap-in)
Low-level editor for Active Directory
Apmstat.exe Overview cmdControl Panel > Power Options
Advanced Power Management Status
Bindiff.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Binary File Difference Finder
Bitsadmin.exe Overview cmdRuns as a service
BITS Administration Utility (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)
Browstat.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Browser Status Utility
Cabarc.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Cabinet Tool
Clonepr.vbs Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
ClonePrincipal, migrate NT4 users to 2000/2003 AD
Connstat.cmd Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
FRS Connection Status Report (File Replication Service)
Dcdiag.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Domain Controller Diagnostic Tool
Depends.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
Dependency Walker, detailing dependent modules (including .exe, .dll, .ocx, and .sys, among others)
Devcon.exe Overview cmdMMC, Device Manager
Device Console Utility
Dfsutil.exe Overview cmdMMC, Distributed File System Manager snap-in
Distributed File System Utility
Dhcploc.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
DHCP Server Locator Utility
Diruse.exe Overview cmd(some functionality in Windows Explorer)
Directory Disk Usage
Dmdiag.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Disk Manager Diagnostics
Dnscmd.exe Overview cmdMMC, Domain Name System snap-in
DNS Server Troubleshooting Tool
Dnslint.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
DNS Lint, diagnose delegation and other DNS problems
Dsacls.exe Overview cmdMMC, AD Tools, Properties > Security
Display and edit the ACL for AD objects
Dsastat.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Directory Services Utility, diagnostic to compare AD data between DC's
Dskprobe.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
DiskProbe, directly edit, save, and copy data on a physical hard drive
Efsinfo.exe Overview cmdEncrypted File > Properties > Advanced>Details > Encryption Details
Encrypting File System Information
Exctrlst.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
Extensible Performance Counter List
Filever.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
File Version
Ftonline.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Fault Tolerant Disk Mounter
Getsid.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Compares and Gets Security ID, (from 2 DC's, but same DC can be used)
Gflags.exe GUI(similiar to discontinued tool Pageheap.exe)
Global Flags Editor (with Page Heap Verification)
Health_chk.cmd Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
FRS Health Check, File Replication Service
Httpcfg.exe Overview cmdMMC, Inernet Information Services snap-in
HTTP Configuration Utility
Iologsum.cmd Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
FRS Inbound and Outbound Logs Summary Report Tool, use with NtfrsUtl
Iasparse.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
IAS Parse Tool, Internet Authentication Service
Ksetup.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Kerberos Setup
Ktpass.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Kerberos Keytab Setup
Ldp.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
LDP Tool, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) client
Memsnap.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Memory Profiling Tool, shapshot currently used resources
Movetree.exe cmdMMC, AD Users and Computers snap-in
Active Directory Object Manager, used only when Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) fails
Msicuu.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
Msizap.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Windows Installer Zapper
Netcap.exe Overview cmd(some functionality of Netmon)
Network Monitor Capture Utility
Netdiag.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Network Connectivity Tester
Netdom.exe Overview cmdMMC, AD Users and Computers snap-in
Windows Domain Manager, AD tools
Nltest.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Network testing, mostly related to NetLogon service
Ntfrsutl.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
File Replication Utility
Poolmon.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Collect and report on memory usage
Portqry.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Port Query
Pviewer.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
Process Viewer, similar to pview.exe but can view remote computers
Remote.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Remote Command Line
Repadmin.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Replication Diagnostics Tool, some similar functionality to Replmon
Replmon.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
Active Directory Replication Monitor
Rsdiag.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Remote Storage Diagnostic Utility
Rsdir.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Remote Storage File Analysis Utility
Search.vbs.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Active Directory Search Tool
Sdcheck.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Security Descriptor Check Utility, display AD ACLs
Setspn.exe Overview cmdNo UI equiv.
Manipulate Service Principal Names for Accounts
showaccs.exe cmdNo UI equiv.
Show access profile file
Sidwalker Tools cmd toolsNo UI equiv.
Set of programs helps manage access-control policies
Spcheck.exe Overview cmd()
Service Pack Checker
Topchk.cmd cmdNo UI equiv.
DFS and SYSVOL Replication Topology Analysis Tool
Windiff.exe Overview GUI(provides its own)
File and Directory Comparison
Xcacls.exe Overview cmdWindows Explorer > File > Properties > Security
Displays and modifies ACLs


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