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 Author: Jay Ohman, Ohman Automation Corp.,

 ** disclaimer and release: I am NOT an expert  **
 ** programmer, use my coding at your own risk! **

 Two different abbreviations used in this script:
   - 3-letter abbreviation corresponding to the linked page name
   - rollover state, onMouseOver = -o, onMouseDown = -d, onMouseOut = 

 Include in the path variable the RELATIVE path from the site root to the
 navbar images directory and the first common filename characters of
 the navbar images (ex: './images/navbar/btn').  For the navbar images,
 use the same image abbrev in the image filenames as used in the IMG NAME
 attributes.  ex: btnhom.gif, btnmap.gif, btnlog.gif, etc.

 example: for Home page, ./images/navbar directory has btnhom.gif,
 btnhom-o.gif, btnhom-s.gif for normal, over, and selected states.

 (My rollover software uses these dash-OneCharacter suffixes,
 otherwise I'd just make the suffix the same as the state abbrev).

 Click here for the header.js file for
 this site.


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