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Logging in to your WebMail page:
You typically download your email from my email server. But you can also get to your email on the server by using WebMail.

To access your email on my server, you will need to use Internet Explorer. You will also need to know your domain name: your domain name is the part of your email address after the @ sign. For example, for my email address, my domain name is

In Internet Explorer, go to the address http://webmail.<USE YOUR DOMAIN NAME HERE>. For my domain name, in Internet Explorer I would use the address:

Tip: While you are at the WebMail login page, you may want to add this page to your 'Favorites', so that you can quickly get back to the WebMail login screen.

You will be taken to the IPSwitch WebMail login screen, for the Username use your full email address. For example, I would use "". The password is your email password, NOT your Windows password.

When you are done with WebMail, choose "Log Out" from the very upper right corner of the page.

After you are logged in to WebMail, you will by default be shown your INBOX on the server. Note that if you have your Microsoft Outlook open, then any email on the server will already have been downloaded from the server INBOX to your Outlook Inbox, and you will not see any email in the server INBOX.

Across the top of the page you will see standard email features such as "New" to create a new email, "Reply" to reply to a message, etc. Working with email at the server through WebMail is similar to Outlook (although the buttons look different).

Vacation Message:
To change vacation message settings, log in to your WebMail as described above and go to the Preferences Page. You will see "Preferences" on the left side of the page after you have logged in. Then on the right side of the page, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "Vacation Message".

To enable a vacation message, check "enable", then type in a message in the box below the enable that you want automatically sent back to the sender. When you have your vacation message typed in to the box and the 'Enable' checked, click on "Save" near the top of the page.

As a suggestion for standard vacation message text, here is something you can copy and paste if you would like to:
I will be out of the office until xxxxxx. If you require immediate assistance, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

To disable a vacation message, un-check the "enable" box, then click on "Save" near the top of the page.

Premium Anti-Spam, provided by Ipswitch
The Premium Spam Filter performance can be improved when users forward spam email to Ipswitch. Ipswitch provides the spam mail to Mail-Filters editors to review the spam submission and add spam signature information to it. Then the signature is published to the global database to help other users eliminate spam. For maximum protection, this global database is updated on your IMail Server every few minutes.

To forward spam email to Ipswitch
The Premium Spam Filter focuses on eliminating false positive email. However, if you receive a false positive message, forward the email so it can be added to the global database to assist in eliminating future spam.

To forward false positive spam email to Ipswitch
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